Our Services

With an experience over a decade in international student placements, we understand the challenges faced by those aspiring to study overseas. Keeping in mind the needs of such student, we have designed our processes in a manner that every single task starting from admission to visa, to making travel arrangements is smooth and hassle free and ensure that we are able to serve you as a one stop solution for all your needs. 

Our dedicated team is there to help you with every stage of the process.

We believe in providing professional support to students’ in picking the right academic qualification based on personal strengths of each individual. Our team has a one-on one personal interaction with the student to understand their career objectives and support them with the best options of study abroad. The student is given the flexibility in choosing the destination, course and institution that match their personal circumstances.

Once the student selects the course and university, the team at Quantum takes up the application with the University and help the student in securing an offer. We coordinate with various departments of the Universities while process the application for admission and constantly keep the student informed of all outcomes. We assist the student in securing the requisite documents needed by the university to confirm admission.  

We also coordinate with the relevant institution’s admission office on student’s behalf to ensure the process progresses as efficiently as possible. We take up the responsibility of student application from admission till the visa is granted.  

While processing Student Visa, we provide complete assistance which includes providing advice on the documentation required for the student visa, lodging the student visa application and coordinating the same on your behalf with the concerned visa office. We also provide guidance on financial and other relevant documents needed as per immigration requirements for a student visa. We have an onboard Licensed Immigration Advisors for NZ, who also assist the students with immigration related advice. 

Once the student visa is approved, this is the most exciting time for an international student planning his trip overseas.  We take care of all your travel needs including air ticketing, foreign exchange and travel insurance. We also assist students with the booking of flights well in advance to allow ideal departure dates, routes and discounts.

We Provide Mock interview sessions to aspiring students. Our Aim is to provide Interview sessions which are as realistic as possible. The mock sessions provide candidates the experience and gives them confidence prior to the actual interview. Our Experienced counsellors trains the students on all the expected Visa Questions  as well as provide constructive feedback in order to enhance their interview skills.

At Quantum Education Services, we provide guidance on making an SOP as per the format of an education institution. We highlight the areas the student should focus on making an SOP that catches the attention of academic team. As SOPs plays a vital role in one’s application process, it is very important to get the right SOP for the purposes stated. If the SOP is good, universities may overlook a few minor deficiencies and make a positive decision.